AIKON CONSULTING, LLC (pronounced ahy-kon, or icon) was established as a result of numerous inquiries from various businesses and management teams serving different industries asking these types of questions:

  • How will these emerging mobile technologies affect our business, and should we plan to proactively leverage them?
  • What business models make sense for us and who should we partner with?
  • Does a licensing or hosting model make sense for us?
  • What level of Mobile Device Management (MDM) service should consider?
  • What are the roles of the stakeholders and what is the opportunity for us?
  • What are the key criteria we need to evaluate in a trusted third party MDM provider?
  • How do the various Software-as-a-Service and cloud models support our immediate and longer-term needs?
  • What is necessary for a successful ROI when deploying emerging mobile device technologies and services?


Aikon Consulting can provide answers to these questions and many others. We can develop business models and go-to-market strategies specific to your business, as well as provide project management services and the partner relationships necessary to implement an attractive, competitive and profitable solution.


Whether you are a technology provider looking to further expand your services, or a business looking for ways to further leverage your existing solutions and footprint, we are here to assist you. Aikon Consulting can also provide guidance for bringing mobile device management services and applications to market, including the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Telematics, hosted services, mCommerce/mobile payments, and other mobile device-enabled solutions.

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